Automatic Driving lessons BirminghamAutomatic Driving lessons Birmingham: Just Pass Driving School also has automatic driving instructors available for you if you prefer to learn to drive without having to change gears or without having to find the biting point. In the United Kingdom automatic cars are not as popular as manual cars.

This is because historically automatic cars used more fuel and were more expensive to purchase compared to their manual counterparts. Automatic Driving lessons Birmingham, With new technology, this has all changed automatic cars aren’t much dearer to purchase then their manual counterparts and some automatic cars are more fuel efficient than their manual counterpart. Automatic driving lessons make learning to drive a lot more easier and helps you gain your full driving licence faster.

The reason learning to drive an automatic car is easier than a manual car is because there is no clutch. Therefore, you don’t have to find the biting point. Good clutch control is essential when driving a manual car. Clutch control can take a while to master but his is not the case in an automatic car. In an automatic car, you only must put the gear selector in D and accelerate. This allows you to concentrate on the road ahead and gain your licence quicker.

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