Driving Instructors BirminghamDriving Instructors Birmingham: All our driving instructors in Birmingham are highly trained. The driving instructor that you are allocated is a dedicated driving instructor in Birmingham with a proven track record in Birmingham. They have all been CRB checked and have had to pass a very tough examination before qualifying to become a driving instructor.

Driving Instructors Birmingham, The driving instructor has had to pass a theory test, hazard perception test and a driving test just like you but a lot more demanding. In addition to these exams the driving instructor has had to also pass an instructional ability test where the driving instructor has had to give a driving examiner a driving lesson. Only when the driving instructor has passed all these exams are they allowed to teach. They are some of the most capable driving instructors in Birmingham giving you the best chance of passing your driving test first time.

All our driving instructors in Birmingham are friendly and approachable. Most of our driving instructors have worked with larger national driving schools before joining Just Pass Driving School. So you can be sure you will be getting the same quality and high standards associated with the larger driving schools but at a much more competitive price.

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